Costume and Fashion Designer. Lives and works in Tel - Aviv



B.A. in Fashion Design, Shenkar College of Engeneering and Design, Ramat-Gan, Israel

Graduate at Hertzelia Hebrew Gymnasium, Tel Aviv, Israel


2015 – to date:
freelance Costume designer & fashion illustratior

2015 – to date:
Fashion design & illustration tutor at "Volume Center of Arts", Hertzelia and privately.

Fashion illustrator for Castro Clothing Company



2014 - to date:
Co-Owner and designer of "Woke Up Like This" fashion label with Daphi Elbee

2013 – 2015:
Graphic Designer for Private and commercial projects, at "Shedrin and Rubi Photography Studio"

Cinema and Television:

The audition - Short film  by Vidi Bilu (2016)

3rd Generation –Feature film by Arik Rothstein (2015)

Low Tide – Feature film by Daniel Mann (2015)

What Doesn't kill you make you stronger – Short film by Hannah Janal (2015)

Wild Horses – TV series for Zoom channel by Emil Ben Shimon (2014)

Cham– Short Film by Yotam Gundelman (2014)

Ms. Yankalova's Book Club – Feature film by Gilad Emilio Shenkar (2014)

Hezi Hetzi – Web series for "Goldstar beer" by Dan Shadur (2014)

The Shepsalach – Short film by Yuval Nobelman (2012)




Jewish Monkeys -  "Heat Meat" by Billy Levi (2015)

Ivri Lider  -  "Girls and the city" by Noam Vardi (2015)

Cohen@Mushon - "Freak show" by Yuval nubleman (2015)

Lior Perla - "This heart"  by Michael Moshonov (2014)

Liron Amram & the Panthers - "The Dawn" by Michael Moshonov (2014)

Monti Fiori - "Nulla e' Finito" by Yotam Gundelman (2014)

Shulamit Epstein  - "Haya O Lo" by Jeremy Jaffe( 2012)

Monti Fiori - "Bella"  by Ben Giladi (2011)



Titulim ״Limited Edition" by Yaniv Pascal (2016)

Ministry Of Tourism "Two Cities. One Break" by Michael Moshonov & Lael Utnik (2016)

Osem "Chef's Sauce" by Yuval Nobleman (2016)

Strauss "Symphony" by Rafi Shor (2016)

Castro Eveningwear by Dudi Hasson – Assistant Stylist (2016)

Castro Swimwear by Dudi Hasson – Assistant Stylist (2016)

Naranjah Summer shows lineup by Michael Moshonov & Lael Utnik (2016)

Haaretz international women's day by Rafi Shor (2016)

Waves "NX" by Gal Muggia (2015)

IDF Spokesperson's Unit Road Safety (2015)

Telma "Kariot" by Rafi Shor (2015)

Elite "Must mix" by Rafi Shor (2015)

Ha'achim Middle Eastern Restaurant by Michael Moshonov & Yuval Nobelman (2015)

Tempo "Jump Fizz" by Yotal Gundelman (2015)

Natan Health and Care Services by Yuval Nobelman (2015)

V15 Election campaign video by Gal Muggia (2015)

Meretz Party Election Campaign video by Rona Segal (2015)

Blue Bird Surf & Urban Tattoo collection by Tommy Kierszencweig (2014)

Soda Stream Secret Continent by Adam Bizanski (2013) 



Performing Arts:









"Blessing 21" by Daphna Noy

"Mozart's Magic" by Uri Omanuti – Assistant costume designer (2016)

"Moris & Muff" by Erez Shafrir – Assistant costume designer (2016)

"Mary Lou" by Steven Dexter – Assistant costume designer (2016)

"4ever line" by Daphna Noy (2015)

"Dreams" by Aya Kaplan (2013)

"The Brave Little Tailor" by Ziv Zohar Meir (2012)

"Srulik" by Moshe Kepten (2012)

"In the Next Room" by Nir Erez (2012)